Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 8, 2017


In attendance:  Cindy Bahr, Nola DeVries, Teresa Meyer, Matt Snider, Sue Milnes

Vickye Norris, Peggy Schneiderman.


There were no changes or additions to the agenda.


Nominations were as follows:

          President – Nola. Motion by Vickye, second by Matt.

          Secretary – Wilma. Motion by Peggy, second by Sue.

          Treasurer – Vickye. Motion by Teresa, second by Nola.

          Nominations closed. Motion by Matt, second by Nola.

All nominations voted and approved.


February minutes were read. Correction to remove “Nola was not present, etc.”  Motion by Teresa to approve as corrected and seconded by Peggy.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  Motion by Teresa and seconded by Sue.  


Librarian’s report:  Summer Reading Theme is “Reading by Design”.  Start date is May 31 and run for 5 weeks.  Mary Mazur will do PreK and Annette Branam will do K-5.   Page was passed out with current and previous Trustees and their terms.


Non-Resident card fees were discussed.  Decided to leave at current rate of $55. Motion by Teresa and second by Vickye.  Motion passed.


Next meeting:  August 14 at 5:30


Motion to adjourn by Vickye.