Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 15, 2016


In attendance:Vickye Norris, Cindy Bahr, Nola DeVries, Teresa Meyer, Wilma Akins, Matt Snider, Sue Milnes, Peggy Schneiderman


There were no changes or additions to the agenda.


May minutes were read.Correction: Peggy was in attendance at May meeting.Motion by Peggy and seconded by Teresa.Minutes approved as corrected.


Treasurerís report was read and approved.Motion by Teresa and seconded by Wilma.††


Librarianís report: Cindy had a map showing the boundaries of some of the libraries in the area.New Postmaster at the Post Office, making getting packages harder to get.Not charging late fees for most overdue items.Paperwork does not pay for the small amount of fees collected.Story Hour begins August 24 at 9:30 a.m.


Building & Grounds: Cindy has purchased new window cleaning supplies.


Christmas in the Country (Cookies & Cocoa with Santa) will be discussed at November meeting.


Next meeting:November 14 at 5:30


Motion to adjourn by Vickye, seconded by Peggy.