Juvenile New Items – December 2017


Merry Christmas from the Very Hungry Caterpillar – Carle, E.                                                                                               

Amelia Bedelia Makes a Splash – Parish, Herman                 Harriet the Invincible – Vernon, Ursula

Marion & the Secret Letter – Barkley, Callie                         Army on Park Patrol – Barkley, Callie

Eva’s Treetop Festival – Elliott, Rebecca                               Eva Sees a Ghost – Elliott, Rebecca

Look & Find: PJ Masks                                                          Look & Find: Blaze & the Monster Machines

Meet Starlight Glimmer – (My Little Pony)                           Time for Puppy School – O’Connor, Jane

We Are Family – (My Little Pony)                                         JoJo & the Big Mess – O’Connor, Jane

JoJo & the Magic Trick – O’Connor, Jane                              Flat Stanley & the Missing Pumpkins – Houran, Lori

Owlette & the Giving Owl – (PJ Masks)                                Hero School – (PJ Masks)

Magic Carpet Race! – (Shimmer & Shine)                             Spooky Cabin – (Paw Patrol)

JoJo & Daddy Bake a Cake – O’Connor, Jane



Nutcracker Mice – Kladstrup, Kristin                                    Children of Refuge – Haddix, Margaret

Wonder – Palacio, R.J.


Juvenile New Items – November 2017


Dooby Dooby Moo – Cronin, Doreen                                    Back on Track – (Cars)

Driven to Win! – (Cars)                                                          Let’s Go Swimming – (Otter)



Wishtree – Applegate, Katherine                                            Battlesong – Tanner, Lian

Children of Exile – Haddix, Margaret



Freak the Mighty – Philbrick, Rodman


Juvenile New Items – October 2017


Pete the Cat & the Lost Tooth – Dean, James                        Go, Go, Trucks! – Liberts, Jennifer

Oh No, Bath Time! – (Otter)                                                  Diary of a Worm! Nat the Gnat – Cronin, Doreen

Biscuit Flies a Kite – Capucilli, Alyssa                                   All Bottled Up! – (Shimmer & Shine)

Babysitter Bunga – (Lion Guard)                                           School Spirit – (My Little Pony)

Sweetest Cupcake – (Shimmer & Shine)                                Leah’s Dream Dollhouse – (Shimmer & Shine)

Happy Haunting – (My Little Pony)                                      Rolling with the Rollodons – (DinoTrux)



Juvenile New Items – September 2017


Bear’s Loose Tooth – Wilson, Karma                                     Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn – Pak, Kenard



Edgeland – Halpern, Jake                                                       Falcon Wild – Johnson, Terry Lynn

Dragon’s Green – Thomas, Scarlett                                        Bean Stalker & Other Hilarious Scarytales – White, Kiersten

Spirit Hunters – Oh, Ellen                                                      Lost Kingdom of Bamarre – Levine, Gail Carson

Macy McMillan & the Rainbow Goddess – Green, Shari      Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library – Bailey, Linda

Just Dance – MacLachlan, Patricia                                         List – Forde, Patricia



Juvenile New Items – August 2017


Georgie the Gingerbread Fairy – Bugbird, Tim                      Library Day – Rockwell, Anne

Grandma is a Slowpoke – Halfmann, Janet                            Baby Polar – Murphy, Yannick

Fancy Nancy & the Missing Easter Bunny – O’Connor, J.    Into the Night to Save the Day – (PJ Masks)

Thomas’ Color Book – Awdry, Rev W                                  PJ Masks Make Friends! – (PJ Masks)

I’m Dirty – McMullan, Kate                                                   Look & Find: Shimmer & Shine

Look & Find: …Animals All Around                                    Look & Find: Disney Frozen

Look & Find: Frosty the Snowman                                        Look & Find: Disney Minnie Mouse



Star Thief – Becker, Lindsey                                                  Knock About With the Fitzgerald-Trouts – Spalding, Esta



Cinderella Stories Around the World – Meister, Cari            Hansel & Gretel Stories Around the World – Meister, Cari

Rapunzel Stories Around the World – Meister, Cari              Little Red Riding Hood Stories Around the World – Gunderson, J.

Snow White Stories Around the World – Gunderson, J.       Beauty & the Beast Stories Around the World – Meister, Cari



Vermont – Hamilton, John                                                     Indiana – Hamilton, John                                                                                               


Juvenile New Items – July 2017


Little Excavator – Dewdney, Anna                                        Thump, Quack, Moo – Cronin, Doreen

Louise Loves Art – Light, Kelly                                             Little Elliot, Big Family – Curato, Mike

Little Elliot, Big City – Curato, Mike                                     I’ll Save You Bobo! – Rosenthal, Eileen

Going Places – Reynolds, Peter                                              Lizard From the Park – Pett, Mark

Violet the Pilot – Breen, Steve                                               Papa’s Mechanical Fish – Fleming, Candace

Junkyard Wonders – Polacco, Patricia                                   I’m the Best Artist in the Ocean – Sherry, Kevin

If I Built a House – Van Dusen, Chris                                   Night Gardener – Fan, Terry

Day the Crayons Quit – Daywalt, Drew                                Perfect Square – Hall, Michael

Day the Crayons Came Home – Daywalt, Drew                   Building Our House – Bean, Jonathan

Float – Miyares, Daniel                                                           Emily’s Blue Period – Daly, Cathleen

Seen Art? – Scieszka, Jon                                                       Back on Track – (Cars)

Farm Animals – Mattern, Joanne                                            Wild Cats – Carney, Elizabeth

Magical Mermaids – (Shimmer & Shine)                                Training Academy: Dinosaurs – (Transformers)

Tricky Trouble – (Marvel Super Heroes)                                Pete the Cat & Tip-Top Tree House – Dean, James

Thwip! You Are It! – (Marvel Super Heroes)                        Beauty & the Beast – (Disney Princesses)

Training Academy: Construction – (Transformers)                Driven to Win! – (Cars)




Lotterys Plus One – Donoghue, Emma                                  Miss Ellicott’s School for Magically Minded – Blackwood, Sage

Thickety: Last Spell – White, J. A.                                         Year of the Garden – Cheng, Andrea

Forge – Anderson, Laurie Halse                                             Ashes – Anderson, Laurie Halse

Funny Girl – Various                                                              Restart – Korman, Gordon                                                                                               



Uncle Andy’s – Warhola, James                                             Splash of Red – Bryant, Jen

Take a Hike, Teddy Roosevelt! – Murphy, Frank                  Dr. Seuss – Klimo, Kate

Alexander Hamilton – Kulling, Monica                                 Out of This World – Wick, Walter



Juvenile New Items – June 2017


Pete the Cat & the Cool Cat Boogie – Dean, James



Masterminds – Korman, Gordon


Juvenile New Items – May 2017


Hurry Up, Houdini! – Osborne, Mary Pope                           Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug – Bethel, Ellie



Criminal Destiny – Korman, Gordon                                     Payback – Korman, Gordon



Long Way From Chicago – Peck, Richard



This Land Is Our Land – Osborne, Linda Barrett


Juvenile New Items – April 2017


Amelia Sparklepaw’s Party Problem – Meadows, Daisy



Frogkisser! – Nix, Garth                                                         Trouble With Friends – Mills, Claudia

Cavern of Secrets – Park, Linda Sue                                     



Life in Motion – Copeland, Misty



Polar Express



Number the Stars – Lowry, Lois                                            Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963 – Curtis, Christopher



Yours, Mine & Ours                                                               Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Santa Clause                                                                           Santa Clause 2

Sandlot (triple feature)                                                            Christmas Carol


Juvenile New Items – March 2017


Evie Scruffypup’s Big Surprise – Meadows, Daisy               Chloe Slipperslide’s Secret – Meadows, Daisy

Grace Woollyhop’s Musical Mystery – Meadows, Daisy      No Time for Hallie – (ASPCA Kids)

Lonely Pony – (ASPCA Kids)                                               Puppy Called Disaster – (ASPCA Kids)

Otter: Hello, Sea Friends! – (Otter)                                        Otter: Best Job Ever! – (Otter)

Pinkalicious: Fashion Fun – Kann, Victoria                           Groundhog Day – Lewin, Betsy

Moo Dog – Milgrim, David                                                    5 Tales of Friendship & Fun – (Sophia the First)

Moo Bird – Milgrim, David                                                    Farm Animals – Cooper, Wade

Valentine’s Day Is Cool – Dean, James                                 Pete the Cat: Five Little Ducks – Dean, James

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure – Dean, James               Wodney Wat’s Wobot – Lester, Helen

Let’s Play, Dory – (Finding Dory)                                         Hank the Septopus: Disarming Tale – (Finding Dory)

Dory’s Sea Wonders – (Finding Dory)                                   Pete the Cat: Go, Pete, Go! – Dean, James

Holiday Helpers – (PAW Patrol)                                            PAW Patrol on the Roll! – (PAW Patrol)

We Love Friendship Day! – (PAW Patrol)                            Pete the Cat: Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Dean, James

Pete the Cat & the Treasure Map – Dean, James                    Balto of the Blue Dawn – Osborne, Mary Pope

High Time for Heroes – Osborne, Mary Pope                        Soccer on Sunday – Osborne, Mary Pope



Two Naomis – Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola                  File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents – Snicket, Lemony



All Heart – Lloyd, Carli                                                          Maker Lab – Challoner, Jack

How Does It Protect Itself? – Oh, Hyeon-gyeong                 Blades of Green – Prokos, Anna

Cool Bacon Recipes – Kuskowski, Alex                                Finding Dory: Unforgettable Joke Book – Cunningham, Sean


Juvenile New Items – February 2017


Story Time – Kann, Victoria                                                   Zeg & the Egg – (Blaze)

Giraffes – Marsh, Laura                                                          Peek, Otter! – Evans, Shira

Vroom, Zoom, Bud – Lakin, Patricia                                     Tiny Goes to the Movies – Meister, Cari

Speed Lights! – (Blaze)                                                          Bubble Trouble – (Blaze)

Meet Tracker – (PAW Patrol)                                                 King for a Day – (PAW Patrol)

Go To Bed, Blue – Bader, Bonnie                                         Max Finds an Egg – Blevins, Wiley

Go, Pete, Go – Dean, James                                                   Royal Derby – (Whisker Haven)

Bad Kitty Does Not Like Video Games – Bruel, Nick          Bad Kitty Does Not Like Snow – Bruel, Nick

Nighttime for the Neighborhood – (Daniel Tiger)                  High-Flying Tea – (Whisker Haven)

No Red Sweater for Daniel – (Daniel Tiger)                          Daniel’s Winter Adventure – (Daniel Tiger)

Fuli Finds Her Place – (Lion Guard)                                      Tiny Saves the Day – Meister, Cari

Froggy Is the Best – London, Jonathan                                 Hi-Ho, Tiny – Meister, Cari

Movie Night Magic – (Shimmer & Shine)



Sunker’s Deep – Tanner, Lian                                                When the Sea Turned To Silver – Lin, Grace

Moonlight Brigade – London, C. Alexander



Negro Leagues – Doeden, Matt                                             Level the Playing Field – Rutherford, Kristina

My Name is James Madison Hemings – Winter, Jonah



Hotel for Dogs                                                                        Finding Neverland

Martian Child                                                                          Duma

Two Brothers                                                                          Little Einsteins: Incredible Shrinking Adventure

Jungle Bunch                                                                          Land Before Time: 2 Big Adventures

Diego’s Halloween                                                                 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed


Juvenile New Items – January 2017


Sea Sick – Soderberg, Erin                                                     X Marks the Spot – Soderberg, Erin

Ruby Fuzzybrush’s Star Dance – Meadows, Daisy               Rosie Gigglepip’s Lucky Escape – Meadows, Daisy

Bella Tabbypaw In Trouble – Meadows, Daisy                     Sophie Flufftail’s Brave Plan – Meadows, Daisy



Adventures of the Wilderness Family


Juvenile New Items – December 2016


Cork & Fuzz: No Fooling! – Chaconas, Dori                         Cork & Fuzz: Wait a Minute – Chaconas, Dori

Cork & Fuzz: Spring Cleaning – Chaconas, Dori                   Fancy Nancy: It’s Backward Day! – O’Connor, Jane

The Worst Secret Keeper Ever – O’Connor, Jane                  Splat the Cat & the Big Secret – Scotton, Rob

No Sleep for the Sheep! – Beaumont, Karen                         Over on the Farm – Berkes, Marianne

Secret Puppy – Webb, Holly                                                  Leo All Alone – Webb, Holly

Lulu & the Cast in the Bag – McKay, Hilary                         Lulu & the Hamster in the Night – McKay, Hilary

Mystery of the Secret Society – Paris, Harper                        Mystery of the Icy Paw Prints – Paris, Harper

Big Bear, Small Mouse – Wilson, Karma                               Catnapped! – Soderberg, Erin

Stowaway! – Soderberg, Erin                                                 Ghost in the Tree House – Butler, Dori

Secret Room – Butler, Dori                                                    Ghost at the Fire Station – Butler, Dori

Horrible Harry & the Wedding Spies – Kline, Suzy              Horrible Harry & the Triple Revenge – Kline, Suzy

Sky the Unwanted Kitten – Webb, Holly                              Brave Kitten – Webb, Holly

Amelia Bedelia Ties the Knot – Parish, Herman                    Amelia Bedelia On the Job – Parish, Herman



Bronze Key – Black, Holly                                                     Left Out – Green, Tim

Frank Einstein & the Evoblaster Belt – Scieszka, Jon            Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Kinney, Jeff



Juvenile New Items – November 2016


Pete the Cat: Scuba Cat – Dean, James                                  Amelia Bedelia by the Yard – Parish, Herman

Puppy Parade – Abramson, Jill                                               Look & Find: Paw Patrol

Look & Find: The Good Dinosaur                                         Jingle Paws – Brown, Margaret Wise

Flat Stanley: African Safari Adventure – Brown, Jeff



Diary of Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck – Kinney, Jeff                   Inquisitor’s Tale – Gidwitz, Adam

Last Man Out – Lupica, Mike                                                Applesauce Weather – Frost, Helen

Trouble With Babies – Mills, Claudia                                     Diary of Wimpy Kid: Double Down – Kinney, Jeff


Juvenile New Items – October 2016


Ruby the Red Fairy – Meadows, Daisy                                 Amber the Orange Fairy – Meadows, Daisy

Sunny the Yellow Fairy – Meadows, Daisy                           Fern the Green Fairy – Meadows, Daisy

Sky the Blue Fairy – Meadows, Daisy                                   Inky the Indigo Fairy – Meadows, Daisy

Heather the Violet Fairy – Meadows, Daisy                          Robo-Pete – (Pete the Cat)

Just a Special Thanksgiving – Mayer, Mercer                         Daniel Goes to the Playground – (Daniel Tiger)

You Are Special, Daniel Tiger! – (Daniel Tiger)                    Can’t Wait To Be Queen – (Lion Guard)

Christmas in the Big Woods – Wilder, Laura Ingalls             Won’t You Be My Kissaroo? – Ryder, Joanne

If You See a Kitten – Butler, John                                         Crocodaddy – Norman, Kim

Because Your Mommy Loves You – Clements, Andrew      How Many Sleeps ‘Til My Birthday? – Sperring, Mark

There’s a Bison Bounding On My Bed – Bright, Paul           Very Grumpy Day – Jones, Stella

Charlie the Ranch Dog: Rock Star – Drummond, Ree           I Am McKinley – Froeb, Lori

I Am Nibbles – Froeb, Lori                                                    I Am Picasso – Froeb, Lori

I Am Daisy – Froeb, Lori                                                       Daniel Gets Scared – (Daniel Tiger)

Meet Shimmer & Shine – (Shimmer & Shine)                        Spat the Cat & the Quick Chicks – Scotton, Rob

Chase’s Space Case – (Paw Patrol)                                        Night Before Kindergarten – Wing, Natasha

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere – Prasadam-Halls, S.        Pete the Cat & the Missing Cupcakes – Dean, James

If You Give a Mouse a Brownie – Numeroff, Laura             Pete the Cat: Snow Daze – Dean, James

Bad Kitty Christmas – Bruel, Nick                                        Gingerbread Christmas – Brett, Jan



Big Nate and Friends – Peirce, Lincoln                                  Big Nate Out Loud – Peirce, Lincoln

Hammer of Thor – Riordan, Rick                                           Sword of Summer – Riordan, Rick

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck – Kinney, Jeffrey



Wooden Horse of Troy – Malam, John                                  Egypt – Murray, Julie

Centrosaurus & Other Dinosaurs of Cold Places – Dixon,    Jason & the Argonauts – Malam, John

Theseus & the Minotaur – Ford, James                                  Wild Animals – Oliver, Clare


Juvenile New Items – September 2016


SuperFairies: Basil the Bear Cub – Jones, Janey                    Horrible Harry & the Hallway Bully – Kline, Suzy

Emily Prickleback’s Clever Idea – Meadows, Daisy              Rubble to the Rescue – (Paw Patrol)

Splat the Cat & the Late Library Book – Scotton, Rob         Bad Kitty Does NOT Like Dogs – Bruel, Nick

Bad Kitty Does NOT Like Candy – Bruel, Nick                   I Will Take a Nap – Willems, Mo

Waiting Is Not Easy – Willems, Mo                                       Whiffy Wilson – Hart, Caryl



Blizzard – Troupe, Thomas                                                     I Even Funnier – Patterson, James

Treasure Hunters – Patterson, James                                      Danger Down the Nile – Patterson, James

Wolves of Currumpaw – Grill, William                                  Most Magical Girl – Foxlee, Karen

Top Prospect – Volponi, Paul                                                 Crimson Skew – Grove, S.E.

Distance to Home – Bishop, Jenn


Juvenile New Items – August 2016


Pete the Cat’s Got Class – Dean, James                                 Pete the Cat: Sir Pete the Brave – Dean, James

Night of the Ninth Dragon – Osborne, Mary Pope               



Booked – Alexander, Kwame                                                Look Out For the Fitzgerald-Trouts – Spalding, Esta

Grayling’s Song – Cushman, Karen



Plant-Eating Dinosaurs – Dixon, Dougal                               Prehistoric Oceans – Dixon, Dougal

Meat-Eating Dinosaurs – Dixon, Dougal                               Prehistoric Skies – Dixon, Dougal

Renoir – Spence, David                                                          Rembrandt – Spence, David

Manet – Spence, David                                                          Gauguin – Spence, David

Cezanne – Spence, David                                                       Captain Cook & His Exploration of the Pacific – Morriss, Roger

Exploration of Africa – Hynson, Colin                                  Exploration of North America – Greenway, Shirley

Exploration of Space – Trotman, Felicity                               Magellan & the Americas – Hynson, Colin

Pioneers of the Air – Burkett, Molly                                      Drake & the Elizabethan Explorers – Guy, John

Columbus & the Renaissance Explorers – Hynson, Colin      Humpback Whales – Molnar, Michael

Green Sea Turtles – Molnar, Michael                                     Great White Sharks – Molnar, Michael

Laysan Albatross – Molnar, Michael                                      Emperor Penguins – Molnar, Michael

Bottlenose Dolphins – Molnar, Michael                                 Floods – Mason, Paul

Tsunamis – Mason, Paul                                                         Volcanoes – Mason, Paul

Earthquakes – Mason, Paul                                                     Extreme Storms – Mason, Paul

Wildfires – Mason, Paul                                                         Children in History: Vikings – Bedford, Kate

Children in History: Romans – Macdonald, Fiona                 Children in History:  Greeks – Bedford, Kate

Children in History: Egyptians – Macdonald, Fiona


Juvenile New Items – June 2016


Tru & Nelle – Neri, G.                                                            Key to Extraordinary – Lloyd, Natalie

Well of Witches – White, J.A.                                                Sea Change – Viva, Frank

Once Was a Time – Sales, Leila                                              Creature of Moonlight – Hahn, Rebecca

Home Run – Green, Tim                                                        



Cook Picnics & Road Food – Wagner, Lisa                           Cook Pies & Tarts – Price, Pam



Juvenile New Items – May 2016


Tiny’s Bath – Meister, Cari                                                     Splat the Cat: I Scream For Ice Cream – Scotton, Rob

Hi-Ho, Tiny – Meister, Cari                                                    Five Fin-tastic Stories – (Bubble Guppies)

Love You When You Whine – Jenkins, Emily                       Quiet Bunny & Noisy Puppy – McCue, Lisa

Noisy Farm – McGee, Marni                                                  Wish You Were Here – Hobbie, Holly

Sneezy Louise – Breznak, Irene



Battle to the End – (Star Wars)                                              I Survived: Nazi Invasion, 1944 – Tarshis, Lauren

Survivors: Death Valley – Duey, Kathleen                            I Survived: Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941 – Tarshis, Lauren

Survivors: Flood, Mississippi, 1927                                        House of Robots – Patterson, James

Extra Yard – Lupica, Mike                                                     Forest of Wonders – Park, Linda Sue



Parental Guidance                                                                   Worst Witch


Juvenile New Items – April 2016


Five Little Ducks (w/CD) – Anderson, Steven                      Boom, Boom, Ain’t It Great To Be Crazy (w/CD) – Anderson, Steve

Biscuit Goes Camping – Capucilli, Alyssa                             Firefighter Rescue – LEGO

Royal Spring – (Disney Princess)                                           I Can Be a Farm Vet – (Barbie)

Pete the Cat’s Train Trip – Dean, James                                 Pinkalicious & the Pink Parakeet – Kann, Victoria

Peaches Pie, Take a Bath – (Doc McStuffins)                        Ghost on the Track – Awdry, Rev W

Daniel Feels Left Out – (Daniel Tiger)                                   Daniel Visits the Library – (Daniel Tiger)

Across the Sea – (Frozen)                                                       Pet Vet – (Doc McStuffins)

Candy Bonanza – O’Connor, Nancy                                      Pinkalicious: School Lunch – Kann, Victoria

Daniel Tries a New Food – (Daniel Tiger)                              Ready, Set, Kindergarten! – Ayer, Paula

Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed – Christlow, Eileen      Blaze of Glory – (Blaze of Glory)

Clifford Goes to Kindergarten – Bridwell, Norman              Berenstain Bears Hospital Friends – Berenestain, Mike

Dracula’s Last Birthday – (Minions)                                      Pete the Cat: Rock On, Mom & Dad! – Dean, James

Long Live King Bob! – (Minions)                                          Look & Find: Miles From Tomorrow Land

Outdoor Opposites – Williams, Brenda                                  More! – Corderoy, Tracey

Katie McGinty Wants a Pet! – Harrington, Jenna                  Ellie Featherbill All Alone – Meadows, Daisy

Lucy Longwhiskers Gets Lost – Meadows, Daisy                 Molly Winkletail Runs Away – Meadows, Daisy

Logan Pryce Makes a Mess – Gilmore, Grace                        Lucky Wheel – Gilmore, Grace

Big City – Gilmore, Grace                                                      Ghost of Juniper Creek – Gilmore, Grace

Knight Night Guard – (Whisker Haven)                                Amelia Bedelia’s First Field Trip – Parish, Herman

Michael Recycle & Bootleg Peg – Patterson, Ellie



Ravenous – Connolly, MarcyKate                                          Big Nate Flips Out – Peirce, Lincoln

Big Nate Blasts Off – Peirce, Lincoln                                    Apprentice’s Quest – Hunter, Erin

Aphrodite the Fair – Holub, Joan                                           Amphitrite the Bubbly – Holub, Joan

Medusa the Rich – Holub, Joan



Final Four – Doeden, Matt                                                     Ankylosaurus & Other Armored Dinosaurs – Clay, Kathryn

Coldest Places On The Planet – Soll, Karen


Juvenile New Items – March 2016


Biscuit Feeds the Pets – Capucilli, Alyssa



Night Parade – Tanquary, Kathryn                                         Paper Wishes – Sepahban, Lois

Fast Break – Lupica, Mike                                                      Tomb of Shadows – Lerangis, Peter

Curse of the King – Lerangis, Peter                                       Legend of the Rift – Lerangis, Peter

Secret Identity of Devon Delaney – Barnholdt, Lauren        Unseen – Snyder, Zilpha Keatley

Wringer – Spinelli, Jerry



My Light – Bang, Molly



Juvenile New Items – February 2016


Perfect Job For an Elephant – Parachini, Jodie                      I Won – Wielockx, Ruth

Stella Batts: None of Your Beeswax – Sheinmel, Courtney 



Blazing Star – Hunter, Erin                                                    Island of Shadows – Hunter, Erin

Longest Day – Hunter, Erin                                                   Melting Sea – Hunter, Erin

Path of Stars – Hunter, Erin                                                   River of Lost Bears – Hunter, Erin

Forest of Wolves – Hunter, Erin                                             Forest Divided – Hunter, Erin

Burning Horizon – Hunter, Erin                                             Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess – Russell, Rachel

Tales from a Not-So-Smart Miss Know-It-All – Russell, R.  Tales from a Not-So-Happy Heart-Breaker – Russell, Rachel

Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star – Russell, Rachel           Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After – Russell, Rachel

Tales from a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen – Russell, R.        Tales from a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter – Russell, Rachael



School of Art – Triggs, Teal                                                   Secret World of the Ninja – Hester, Beth                                                                                               


Juvenile New Items – January 2016


Judy Moody, Girl Detective – McDonald, Megan



Doldrums – Gannon, Nicholas                                               Copper Gauntlet – Black, Holly

Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star – Russell, Rachel     Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl – Russell, Rachel

Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life – Russell, Rachel            My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar – Patterson, James

Worst Years of My Life – Patterson, James                           Get Me Out of Here! – Patterson, James

How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli & Snake Hill – Patterson, Hoodoo – Smith, Ronald L.

Tale of Rescue – Rosen, Michael                                            Cloudy With a Chance of Boys – McDonald, Megan

Kid Owner – Green, Tim



Fight For the Top Spot – Doeden, Matt                                 Brazil – Tieck, Sarah



Juvenile New Items – December 2015


Day in the Sun – (Frozen)                                                       Adventure Begins – Awdry, Rev W

Construction Destruction – Dean, James                                View at the Zoo – Bostrom, Kathleen

Adventures of the Dish & the Spoon – Grey, Mini                Alphie’s Numbers – Hughes, Shirley

Alphie’s Alphabet – Hughes, Shirley                                     Danger in the Darkest Hour – Osborne, Mary Pope

Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho! – Cronin, Doreen                         Llama Llama Gram & Grandpa – Dewdney, Anna

Llama Llama Jingle Bells – Dewdney, Anna



Frank Einstein & the Brain Turbo – Scieszka, Jon                 Wild Ones – London, C. Alexander



Who Was Robert Ripley? – Anderson, Kirsten                      Who Was Christopher Columbus? – Bader, Bonnie

Who Was John F. Kennedy? – McDonough, Yona               Who Was Rosa Parks? – McDonough, Yona

Who Was Roald Dahl? – Kelley, True                                   Who Was King Tut? – Edwards, Roberta

Who Was Babe Ruth? – Holub, Joan                                     Who Was Milton Hershey? – Buckley, James Jr.

Boys in the Boat – Brown, Daniel James                              



Ella Enchanted                                                                        Peter Pan

Bad News Bears                                                                     Hey, Arnold! The Movie

Fairly OddParents Superhero Spectacle                                 Monsters, Inc.

Rugrats All Grown Up                                                           Shrek the Third

Freaky Friday                                                                          Open Season

Barnyard                                                                                 Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

Nanny McPhee