Juvenile New Items – February 2018


Have Sword, Will Travel – Nix, Garth                                   Player King – Avi



Unstoppable – Furstinger, Nancy                                          


Juvenile New Items – January 2018


Berenstain Bears Play Football! – Berenstain, Mike              Out of This World – Dean, James

Police Pursuit – (LEGO)                                                         Jungle Chase – (LEGO)

Littlest Reindeer – Dougherty, Brandi                                   Tractor Mac Builds a Barn – Steers, Billy

PJ Masks & the Dinosaur! – (PJ Masks)                                 Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm – Steers, Billy                                                                                               



Guys Read: Heroes & Villains – various                                Frank Einstein & Bio-Action Gizmo – Scieszka, Jon

Diary of Wimpy Kid: Getaway – Kinney, Jeff                      Dragonfly Song – Orr, Wendy



Bug Off! – Arlon, Penelope                                                   Mighty Machines – (LEGO)                                                                                               


Juvenile New Items – December 2017


Merry Christmas from the Very Hungry Caterpillar – Carle, E.                                                                                               

Amelia Bedelia Makes a Splash – Parish, Herman                 Harriet the Invincible – Vernon, Ursula

Marion & the Secret Letter – Barkley, Callie                         Army on Park Patrol – Barkley, Callie

Eva’s Treetop Festival – Elliott, Rebecca                               Eva Sees a Ghost – Elliott, Rebecca

Look & Find: PJ Masks                                                          Look & Find: Blaze & the Monster Machines

Meet Starlight Glimmer – (My Little Pony)                           Time for Puppy School – O’Connor, Jane

We Are Family – (My Little Pony)                                         JoJo & the Big Mess – O’Connor, Jane

JoJo & the Magic Trick – O’Connor, Jane                              Flat Stanley & the Missing Pumpkins – Houran, Lori

Owlette & the Giving Owl – (PJ Masks)                                Hero School – (PJ Masks)

Magic Carpet Race! – (Shimmer & Shine)                             Spooky Cabin – (Paw Patrol)

JoJo & Daddy Bake a Cake – O’Connor, Jane



Nutcracker Mice – Kladstrup, Kristin                                    Children of Refuge – Haddix, Margaret

Wonder – Palacio, R.J.


Juvenile New Items – November 2017


Dooby Dooby Moo – Cronin, Doreen                                    Back on Track – (Cars)

Driven to Win! – (Cars)                                                          Let’s Go Swimming – (Otter)



Wishtree – Applegate, Katherine                                            Battlesong – Tanner, Lian

Children of Exile – Haddix, Margaret



Freak the Mighty – Philbrick, Rodman


Juvenile New Items – October 2017


Pete the Cat & the Lost Tooth – Dean, James                        Go, Go, Trucks! – Liberts, Jennifer

Oh No, Bath Time! – (Otter)                                                  Diary of a Worm! Nat the Gnat – Cronin, Doreen

Biscuit Flies a Kite – Capucilli, Alyssa                                   All Bottled Up! – (Shimmer & Shine)

Babysitter Bunga – (Lion Guard)                                           School Spirit – (My Little Pony)

Sweetest Cupcake – (Shimmer & Shine)                                Leah’s Dream Dollhouse – (Shimmer & Shine)

Happy Haunting – (My Little Pony)                                      Rolling with the Rollodons – (DinoTrux)



Juvenile New Items – September 2017


Bear’s Loose Tooth – Wilson, Karma                                     Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn – Pak, Kenard



Edgeland – Halpern, Jake                                                       Falcon Wild – Johnson, Terry Lynn

Dragon’s Green – Thomas, Scarlett                                        Bean Stalker & Other Hilarious Scarytales – White, Kiersten

Spirit Hunters – Oh, Ellen                                                      Lost Kingdom of Bamarre – Levine, Gail Carson

Macy McMillan & the Rainbow Goddess – Green, Shari      Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library – Bailey, Linda

Just Dance – MacLachlan, Patricia                                         List – Forde, Patricia



Juvenile New Items – August 2017


Georgie the Gingerbread Fairy – Bugbird, Tim                      Library Day – Rockwell, Anne

Grandma is a Slowpoke – Halfmann, Janet                            Baby Polar – Murphy, Yannick

Fancy Nancy & the Missing Easter Bunny – O’Connor, J.    Into the Night to Save the Day – (PJ Masks)

Thomas’ Color Book – Awdry, Rev W                                  PJ Masks Make Friends! – (PJ Masks)

I’m Dirty – McMullan, Kate                                                   Look & Find: Shimmer & Shine

Look & Find: …Animals All Around                                    Look & Find: Disney Frozen

Look & Find: Frosty the Snowman                                        Look & Find: Disney Minnie Mouse



Star Thief – Becker, Lindsey                                                  Knock About With the Fitzgerald-Trouts – Spalding, Esta



Cinderella Stories Around the World – Meister, Cari            Hansel & Gretel Stories Around the World – Meister, Cari

Rapunzel Stories Around the World – Meister, Cari              Little Red Riding Hood Stories Around the World – Gunderson, J.

Snow White Stories Around the World – Gunderson, J.       Beauty & the Beast Stories Around the World – Meister, Cari



Vermont – Hamilton, John                                                     Indiana – Hamilton, John                                                                                               


Juvenile New Items – July 2017


Little Excavator – Dewdney, Anna                                        Thump, Quack, Moo – Cronin, Doreen

Louise Loves Art – Light, Kelly                                             Little Elliot, Big Family – Curato, Mike

Little Elliot, Big City – Curato, Mike                                     I’ll Save You Bobo! – Rosenthal, Eileen

Going Places – Reynolds, Peter                                              Lizard From the Park – Pett, Mark

Violet the Pilot – Breen, Steve                                               Papa’s Mechanical Fish – Fleming, Candace

Junkyard Wonders – Polacco, Patricia                                   I’m the Best Artist in the Ocean – Sherry, Kevin

If I Built a House – Van Dusen, Chris                                   Night Gardener – Fan, Terry

Day the Crayons Quit – Daywalt, Drew                                Perfect Square – Hall, Michael

Day the Crayons Came Home – Daywalt, Drew                   Building Our House – Bean, Jonathan

Float – Miyares, Daniel                                                           Emily’s Blue Period – Daly, Cathleen

Seen Art? – Scieszka, Jon                                                       Back on Track – (Cars)

Farm Animals – Mattern, Joanne                                            Wild Cats – Carney, Elizabeth

Magical Mermaids – (Shimmer & Shine)                                Training Academy: Dinosaurs – (Transformers)

Tricky Trouble – (Marvel Super Heroes)                                Pete the Cat & Tip-Top Tree House – Dean, James

Thwip! You Are It! – (Marvel Super Heroes)                        Beauty & the Beast – (Disney Princesses)

Training Academy: Construction – (Transformers)                Driven to Win! – (Cars)




Lotterys Plus One – Donoghue, Emma                                  Miss Ellicott’s School for Magically Minded – Blackwood, Sage

Thickety: Last Spell – White, J. A.                                         Year of the Garden – Cheng, Andrea

Forge – Anderson, Laurie Halse                                             Ashes – Anderson, Laurie Halse

Funny Girl – Various                                                              Restart – Korman, Gordon                                                                                               



Uncle Andy’s – Warhola, James                                             Splash of Red – Bryant, Jen

Take a Hike, Teddy Roosevelt! – Murphy, Frank                  Dr. Seuss – Klimo, Kate

Alexander Hamilton – Kulling, Monica                                 Out of This World – Wick, Walter



Juvenile New Items – June 2017


Pete the Cat & the Cool Cat Boogie – Dean, James



Masterminds – Korman, Gordon


Juvenile New Items – May 2017


Hurry Up, Houdini! – Osborne, Mary Pope                           Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug – Bethel, Ellie



Criminal Destiny – Korman, Gordon                                     Payback – Korman, Gordon



Long Way From Chicago – Peck, Richard



This Land Is Our Land – Osborne, Linda Barrett


Juvenile New Items – April 2017


Amelia Sparklepaw’s Party Problem – Meadows, Daisy



Frogkisser! – Nix, Garth                                                         Trouble With Friends – Mills, Claudia

Cavern of Secrets – Park, Linda Sue                                     



Life in Motion – Copeland, Misty



Polar Express



Number the Stars – Lowry, Lois                                            Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963 – Curtis, Christopher



Yours, Mine & Ours                                                               Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Santa Clause                                                                           Santa Clause 2

Sandlot (triple feature)                                                            Christmas Carol


Juvenile New Items – March 2017


Evie Scruffypup’s Big Surprise – Meadows, Daisy               Chloe Slipperslide’s Secret – Meadows, Daisy

Grace Woollyhop’s Musical Mystery – Meadows, Daisy      No Time for Hallie – (ASPCA Kids)

Lonely Pony – (ASPCA Kids)                                               Puppy Called Disaster – (ASPCA Kids)

Otter: Hello, Sea Friends! – (Otter)                                        Otter: Best Job Ever! – (Otter)

Pinkalicious: Fashion Fun – Kann, Victoria                           Groundhog Day – Lewin, Betsy

Moo Dog – Milgrim, David                                                    5 Tales of Friendship & Fun – (Sophia the First)

Moo Bird – Milgrim, David                                                    Farm Animals – Cooper, Wade

Valentine’s Day Is Cool – Dean, James                                 Pete the Cat: Five Little Ducks – Dean, James

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure – Dean, James               Wodney Wat’s Wobot – Lester, Helen

Let’s Play, Dory – (Finding Dory)                                         Hank the Septopus: Disarming Tale – (Finding Dory)

Dory’s Sea Wonders – (Finding Dory)                                   Pete the Cat: Go, Pete, Go! – Dean, James

Holiday Helpers – (PAW Patrol)                                            PAW Patrol on the Roll! – (PAW Patrol)

We Love Friendship Day! – (PAW Patrol)                            Pete the Cat: Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Dean, James

Pete the Cat & the Treasure Map – Dean, James                    Balto of the Blue Dawn – Osborne, Mary Pope

High Time for Heroes – Osborne, Mary Pope                        Soccer on Sunday – Osborne, Mary Pope



Two Naomis – Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola                  File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents – Snicket, Lemony



All Heart – Lloyd, Carli                                                          Maker Lab – Challoner, Jack

How Does It Protect Itself? – Oh, Hyeon-gyeong                 Blades of Green – Prokos, Anna

Cool Bacon Recipes – Kuskowski, Alex                                Finding Dory: Unforgettable Joke Book – Cunningham, Sean


Juvenile New Items – February 2017


Story Time – Kann, Victoria                                                   Zeg & the Egg – (Blaze)

Giraffes – Marsh, Laura                                                          Peek, Otter! – Evans, Shira

Vroom, Zoom, Bud – Lakin, Patricia                                     Tiny Goes to the Movies – Meister, Cari

Speed Lights! – (Blaze)                                                          Bubble Trouble – (Blaze)

Meet Tracker – (PAW Patrol)                                                 King for a Day – (PAW Patrol)

Go To Bed, Blue – Bader, Bonnie                                         Max Finds an Egg – Blevins, Wiley

Go, Pete, Go – Dean, James                                                   Royal Derby – (Whisker Haven)

Bad Kitty Does Not Like Video Games – Bruel, Nick          Bad Kitty Does Not Like Snow – Bruel, Nick

Nighttime for the Neighborhood – (Daniel Tiger)                  High-Flying Tea – (Whisker Haven)

No Red Sweater for Daniel – (Daniel Tiger)                          Daniel’s Winter Adventure – (Daniel Tiger)

Fuli Finds Her Place – (Lion Guard)                                      Tiny Saves the Day – Meister, Cari

Froggy Is the Best – London, Jonathan                                 Hi-Ho, Tiny – Meister, Cari

Movie Night Magic – (Shimmer & Shine)



Sunker’s Deep – Tanner, Lian                                                When the Sea Turned To Silver – Lin, Grace

Moonlight Brigade – London, C. Alexander



Negro Leagues – Doeden, Matt                                             Level the Playing Field – Rutherford, Kristina

My Name is James Madison Hemings – Winter, Jonah



Hotel for Dogs                                                                        Finding Neverland

Martian Child                                                                          Duma

Two Brothers                                                                          Little Einsteins: Incredible Shrinking Adventure

Jungle Bunch                                                                          Land Before Time: 2 Big Adventures

Diego’s Halloween                                                                 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed


Juvenile New Items – January 2017


Sea Sick – Soderberg, Erin                                                     X Marks the Spot – Soderberg, Erin

Ruby Fuzzybrush’s Star Dance – Meadows, Daisy               Rosie Gigglepip’s Lucky Escape – Meadows, Daisy

Bella Tabbypaw In Trouble – Meadows, Daisy                     Sophie Flufftail’s Brave Plan – Meadows, Daisy



Adventures of the Wilderness Family