Adult Items – December 2017


Secrets of Cavendon – Bradford, Barbara Taylor                  Two Kinds of Truth – Connelly, Michael

Year One – Roberts, Nora                                                      Refuge Cove – Dailey, Janet

Midnight Line – Child, Lee                                                    Lilac Lane – Woods, Sherryl

Killing Season – Kellerman, Faye                                           Count to Ten – Woods, Stuart

Deep Freeze – Sandford, John                                               Demon Crown – Rollins, James

Hardcore Twenty-Four – Evanovich, Janet                            Story of Arthur Truluv – Berg, Elizabeth

End Game – Baldacci, David                                                 Whispering Room – Koontz, Dean

Christmas Room – Anderson, Catherine                                Merry & Bright – Macomber, Debbie

Winter Solstice – Hilderbrand, Elin                                        Noel Diary – Evans, Richard Paul

Twelve Slays of Christmas – Frost, Jacqueline                       Rooster Bar – Grisham, John

Chasing Christmas Eve – Shalvis, Jill                                     Christmas in Icicle Falls – Roberts, Sheila

Home for Christmas – Chamberlin, Holly



Christmas Blessings – Spencer, Katherine (Thomas Kinkade)

Alaskan Christmas – Calhoune, Belle                                     Christmas Amnesia – Scott, Laura



Christmas Caramel Murder – Fluke, Joanne                           Santa In Montana – Dailey, Janet                                                                                               



Every Breath You Take – Clark, Mary Higgins                     Deep Freeze – Sandford, John

Quick & Dirty – Woods, Stuart                                              Mind Game – Johansen, Iris

Typhoon Fury – Cussler, Clive                                               In This Moment – Kingsbury, Karen

Lost In Lumby – Fraser, Gail                                                 Tiger in the House – Sheehan, Jacqueline

Captain’s Daughter – Moore, Meg Mitchell                           Woman on the Orient Express – Ashford, Lindsay Jayne

Allie and Bea – Hyde, Catherine Ryan                                  Rejected Writers Take the Stage – Kelman, Suzanne

Faded Photo – Price, Sarah                                                    Because It’s Christmas – Spencer, Katherine



Quick & Dirty – Woods, Stuart                                              Count to Ten – Woods, Stuart

Demon Crown – Rollins, James                                              Hardcore Twenty-Four – Evanovich, Janet

End Game – Baldacci, David                                                 Whispering Room – Koontz, Dean

Midnight Line – Child, Lee                                                   



12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You – Reinke, Tony        Fix-It & Forget-It 5-Ingredient Favorites – Good, Phyllis


Adult Items – November 2017


Some Kind of Hero – Bockmann, Suzanne                            Barely Legal – Woods, Stuart

Map of the Heart – Wiggs, Susan                                           Wired – Garwood, Julie

Texas Fierce – Dailey, Janet                                                   Glass Houses – Penny, Louise

Quick & Dirty – Woods, Stuart                                              Rules of Magic – Hoffman, Alice

Mind Game – Johansen, Iris                                                   Wyoming Winter – Palmer, Diana

Christmas Return – Perry, Anne                                            



In This Moment – Kingsbury, Karen



Everyday Slow Cooker & One Dish Recipes (Taste of Home)

Holiday & Celebrations Cookbook (Taste of Home)             BH&G Annual Recipes 2014

Best of America’s Test Kitchen 2018                                     Fix-It & Forget-It Holiday Favorites

Sisters First – Bush Hagar, Jenna & Bush, Barbara               





Adult Items – October 2017


Before We Were Yours – Wingate, Lisa                                Don’t Let Go – Coben, Harlan

Right Time – Steel, Danielle                                                   Column of Fire – Follett, Ken

Secrets in Death – Robb, J.D.                                                 Haunted – Patterson, James

Enigma – Coulter, Catherine                                                  Echo of Murder – Perry, Anne

Snow Country Christmas – Miller, Linda Lael                       Holly & Ivy – Michaels, Fern

Need To Know – Michaels, Fern                                            Crime Scene – Kellerman, Jonathan

Exposed – Scottoline, Lisa                                                     I Know a Secret – Gerritsen, Tess

Paradise Valley – Box, C.J.                                                    Proof Of Life – Jance, J.A.

Any Dream Will Do – Macomber, Debbie                             Seeing Red – Brown, Sandra

Beautiful Tempest – Lindsey, Johanna                                   Y Is For Yesterday – Grafton, Sue

Two Nights – Reichs, Kathy                                                  Fairytale – Steel, Danielle

Nearness Of You – Garlock, Dorothy                                   



Cherished Mercy – Peterson, Tracie                                       To Be Where You Are – Karon, Jan

Proving – Lewis, Beverly



Sleeping Beauties – King, Stephen                                         To Be Where You Are – Karon, Jan

Enigma – Coulter, Catherine



Second Chance Girl – Mallery, Susan



Seeing Red – Brown, Sandra                                                 Y Is For Yesterday – Grafton, Sue

Enigma – Coulter, Catherine                                                  Secrets in Death – Robb, J.D.



Queens of the Conquest – Weir, Alison


Adult Items – September 2017


Store – Patterson, James                                                         Last Tudor – Gregory, Philippa




In the Shadow of Denali – Peterson, Tracie



Y Is For Yesterday – Grafton, Sue                                        Romanov Ransom – Cussler, Clive

Charlatans – Cook, Robin                                                       Robert B. Parker’s Hangman’s Sonnet – Coleman, Reed

Exposed – Scottoline, Lisa                                                     Secrets in Death – Robb, J.D.

Last Tudor – Gregory, Philippa                                             



You Say It First – Mallery, Susan



Murder Games – Patterson, James


Adult Items – August 2017


Tripwire – Child, Lee                                                              Less Than a Treason – Stabenow, Dana



Love Story – Kingsbury, Karen



Proof of Angels – Hackett, Mary Curran                               Barely Legal – Woods, Stuart

Paradise Valley – Box, C.J.                                                    Summer House – McKinnon, Hannah

Molly & the Cat Cafι – Daley, Melissa                                  Drowning House – Black, Elizabeth

Forgotten Country – Chung, Catherine                                  Bark Before Christmas – Berenson, Laurien

Played By the Book – Arlington, Lucy                                  Brewer of Preston – Camilleri, Andrea



Silent Corner – Koontz, Dean



Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook – (Diabetic Living)


Adult Items – July 2017


Camino Island – Grisham, John                                              Ultimatum – Robards, Karen

Gwendy’s Button Box – King, Stephen                                Indecent Exposure – Woods, Stuart

Silent Corner – Koontz, Dean                                                Identicals – Hilderbrand, Elin

Murder Games – Patterson, James                                          Kiss Carlo – Trigiani, Adriana

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters – Mallery, Susan                          Undaunted – Palmer, Diana



Beloved Hope – Peterson, Tracie



Promise Girls – Bostwick, Marie                                            Traveling Light – Branard, Lynn

Long Way From Chicago – Peck, Richard                             Silent Corner – Koontz, Dean

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters – Mallery, Susan                          Nearness of You – Garlock, Dorothy

Wired – Garwood, Julie                                                          Summer Dance – Rossiter, Nan

Forbidden Garden – Herrick, Ellen



Easy Dinners, Healthy Recipes – BH&G                               Healthy Cooking Annual Recipes – Taste of Home

Christmas from the Heart. Vol. 25 – BH&G                          Make Ahead Classics – Taste of Home

Hometown Favorites. Vol. 6 – BH&G



Indecent Exposure – Woods, Stuart                                      



Face Like Glass – Hardinge, Frances                                     Crazy House – Patterson, James

Once & For All – Dessen, Sarah                                            



Fall. Season 1                                                                          Penny Dreadful. Season 1



Poltergeist                                                                               Lost Junction

Vacancy                                                                                  Devil Inside



Adult Items – June 2017


16th Seduction – Patterson, James                                          Man Called Ove – Backman, Fredrik

Come Sundown – Roberts, Nora                                            Secrets in Summer – Thayer, Nancy

Just a Little Christmas – Dailey, Janet



Love Transformed – Peterson, Tracie                                     Beauty Refined – Peterson, Tracie

Family in Hiding – Hansen, Valerie                                       Journey of Hope – Kaufman, Debbie

Fireman Finds a Wife – Mason, Felicia                                  Exit Strategy – McCoy, Shirlee

Bayou Sweetheart – Worth, Lenora                                       Groom By Design – Johnson, Christine

Home For Her Heart – Barton, Janet Lee                              



Sunshine Sisters – Green, Jane                                               Nighthawk – Cussler, Clive

Love Story – Kingsbury, Karen                                              Indecent Exposure – Woods, Stuart

Come Sundown – Roberts, Nora                                            Where Jasmine Blooms – Warah, Holly S.

Shoes for Anthony – Kennedy, Emma



Kiss Me – Mallery, Susan



No Easy Target – Johansen, Iris                                            



Other Side of Impossible – Meadows, Susannah



Afterworlds – Westerfeld, Scott                                            Caraval – Garber, Stephanie



Ghost Writer                                                                           Carrie

Absolute Power                                                                      Dazed & Confused

High Crimes                                                                            Last Days on Mars

Out of Time                                                                            Deceived

Unknown                                                                                Departed

Inside Man                                                                              Into the Sun


Adult Items – May 2017


Revenge in a Cold River – Perry, Anne                                 Fast & Loose – Woods, Stuart

Murder on the Serpentine – Perry, Anne                                Girl Who Knew Too Much – Quick, Amanda

Into the Water – Hawkins, Paula                                            Two From the Heart – Patterson, James

1984 – Orwell, George                                                           Handmaid’s Tale – Atwood, Margaret

No Easy Target – Johansen, Iris                                             Golden Prey – Sandford, John



Golden Prey – Sandford, John                                               Fast & Loose – Woods, Stuart

Robert B. Parker’s Little White Lies – Atkins, Ace               No Easy Target – Johansen, Iris

Girl Who Knew Too Much – Quick, Amanda                       One Perfect Lie – Scottoline, Lisa

Broken Road – Evans, Richard Paul



One Perfect Lie – Scottoline, Lisa                                          15th Affair – Patterson, James

16th Seduction – Patterson, James



Hidden Figures – Shetterly, Margo                                        Grunt – Roach, Mary

Most Requested Recipes 2017 – Taste of Home                    Norse Mythology – Gaiman, Neil



Finisher – Baldacci, David                                                     Keeper – Baldacci, David

Dream Thieves – Stiefvater, Maggie                                      Girl In the Blue Coat – Hesse, Monica

Court of Thorns & Roses – Maas, Sarah                                Rest Of Us Just Live Here – Ness, Patrick

Projekt 1065 – Gratz, Alan                                                     This Is Where It Ends – Nijkamp, Mariele

Sun Is Also a Star – Yoon, Nicola                                          Our Chemical Hearts – Sutherland, Krystal

Ghost – Reynolds, Jason                                                        Reader – Chee, Traci

Scythe – Shusterman, Neal                                                     Brown Girl Dreaming – Woodson, Jacqueline

Everything, Everything – Yoon, Nicola



Better Off Dead                                                                     Ever After

Wild Dogs                                                                               Dude, Where’s My Car?

Rocky Horror Picture Show                                                   Sydney White

He’s Just Not That Into You                                                  Mean Girls

Legally Blonde 2                                                                   



Adult Items – April 2017


Stars on Fire – Shreve, Anita                                                  One Perfect Lie – Scottoline, Lisa



Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane – See, Lisa                            All By Myself – Clark, Mary Higgins

Lost Order – Berry, Steve                                                      Murder on the Serpentine – Perry, Anne



Man Overboard – Jance, J.A.                                                 Mississippi Blood – Iles, Greg


Adult Items – March 2017


Drowning Tides – Harper, Karen                                           Echoes in Death – Robb. J.D.

Robert B. Parker’s Revelation – Knott, Robert                      Heartbreak Hotel – Kellerman, Jonathan

Bone Box – Kellerman, Faye                                                  Million Little Things – Mallery, Susan

Devil In Spring – Kleypas, Lisa                                              Man Overboard – Jance, J.A.

Mississippi Blood – Iles, Greg                                                If Not For You – Macomber, Debbie

Vicious Circle – Box, C.J.                                                      Devil’s Triangle – Coulter, Catherine



Treasured Grace – Peterson, Tracie                                        Ebb Tide – Lewis, Beverly

Her Secret – Gray, Shelley Shepard                                       If I’m Found – Blackstock, Terri



Devil’s Triangle – Coulter, Catherine                                     Cutthroat – Cussler, Clive

Man Overboard – Jance, J.A.



Forever a Hero – Miller, Linda Lael



Echoes in Death – Robb, J.D.                                                 Heartbreak Hotel – Kellerman, Jonathan

Bone Box – Kellerman, Faye                                                  Devil’s Triangle – Coulter, Catherine



Taste of Home: Five Star Recipes                                          Quick Cooking Annual Recipes 2017

Ripper – Cornwell, Patricia



Width of the World – Baldacci, David



Robin Hood                                                                            Men in Black 3

King Arthur                                                                            Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes                                                                     Spider-Man 3



Adult Items – February 2017


Island of Glass – Roberts, Nora                                             Echoes In Death – Robb, J.D.

Drowning Tides – Harper, Karen



Matter of the Heart – Davids, Patricia                                   Mountain Rescue – White, Hope



Lord of the Pirateers – Laurens, Stephanie



Fatal – Lescroart, John                                                            Echoes in Death – Robb, J.D.

My (Not So) Perfect Life – Kinsella, Sophie                        



Never Never – Patterson, James                                             Cross the Line – Patterson, James

Below the Belt – Woods, Stuart                                             To Kill a Mockingbird – Lee, Harper

Depraved Heart – Cornwell, Patricia                                      Escape – Baldacci, David



Road to Little Dribbling – Bryson, Bill                                  Better Homes & Gardens Annual Recipes 2016

Killing the Rising Sun – O’Reilly, Bill



Daredevil                                                                                Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Underworld: Evolution                                                           Cloverfield

Matrix                                                                                     Bruce Almighty

Dante’s Peak                                                                           Sanctum                                                                                               

Troy                                                                                         Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Condemned                                                                            Underworld

Armageddon                                                                           Ace Venture, When Nature Calls

Jack the Giant Slayer                                                              I Love Lucy. Season 2

Road to Avonlea. Season 3                                                    Justified. Season 3

Justified. Season 4                                                                  Once

Bad News Bears                                                                     Memoirs of a Geisha

Stepfather                                                                               Love’s Unfolding Dream

Trashed (NF)                                                                           Sherlock Holmes

World War Z                                                                           XXX: State of the Union


Adult Items – January 2017


Seventh Plague – Rollins, James                                             Cross the Line – Patterson, James

Depraved Heart – Cornwell, Patricia                                      Chasing Shadows – Harper, Karen

Escape – David, Baldacci                                                       Never Never – Patterson, James

Below the Belt – Woods, Stuart                                             Wyoming Brave – Palmer, Diana



Flirtation Walk – Mitchell, Siri                                               Changed Agent – Lyons, Tracey

Second Half – Snelling, Lauraine                                           Innkeeper of Ivy Hill – Klassen, Julie

Conspiracy of Silence – Kendig, Ronie                                  No Way Up – Connealy, Mary

Deep Shadows – Chapman, Vannetta                                    Raven – Nappa, Mike

Deadly Encounter – Mills, DiAnn                                          Stainless Steal Hearts – Kraus, Harry

Bound Heart – Crandall, Dawn                                              Captive Imposter – Crandall, Dawn

Hesitant Heiress – Crandall, Dawn



Below the Belt – Woods, Stuart                                             Midnight Bell – Higgins, Jack



Seventh Plague – Rollins, James



Telomere Effect – Blackburn, Elizabeth                                                                                                                                


Adult Items – December 2016


Chaos – Cornwell, Patricia                                                     Faithful – Hoffman, Alice

Sleeping Beauty Killer – Clark, Mary Higgins                       No Man’s Land – Baldacci, David

Sunrise Canyon – Dailey, Janet                                              When All the Girls Have Gone – Krentz, Jayne Ann

Whole Town’s Talking – Flagg, Fannie



Waves of Mercy – Austin, Lynn                                            Beautiful Star of Bethlehem – Copeland, Lori

Cautious Maiden – Crandall, Dawn                                       Another Day, Another Dali – Orchard, Sandra

First Fit – Herne, Ruth Logan                                                Since You’ve Been Gone – Allan, Christa

Wild Montana Skies – Warren, Susan May                            Lady Unrivaled – White, Roseanna

Fatal Frost – Mehl, Nancy                                                      Primary Decision – Leman, Kevin

Wish – Lewis, Beverly



This Was a Man – Archer, Jeffrey                                          Chaos – Cornwell, Patricia

Baxter Family Christmas – Kingsbury, Karen                        Sex, Lies & Serious Money – Woods, Stuart

When All The Girls Have Gone – Krentz, Jayne Ann            Island of Glass – Roberts, Nora

Sleeping Beauty Killer – Clark, Mary Higgins



No Man’s Land – Baldacci, David                                         Night School – Child, Lee

Chaos – Cornwell, Patricia                                                     Whole Town’s Talking – Flagg, Fannie


Adult Items – November 2016


Whistler – Grisham, John                                                        Night Watch – Johansen, Iris

Night School – Child, Lee                                                      Sex, Lies & Serious Money – Woods, Stuart

Wrong Side of Goodbye – Connelly, Michael                       Big Little Lies – Moriarty, Liane

Turbo Twenty-Three – Evanovich, Janet                                Mistletoe Secret – Evans, Richard Paul



Peace – Gray, Shelley Shepard                                               Baxter Family Christmas – Kingsbury, Karen

Because It’s Christmas – Kinkade, Thomas                           Streams of Mercy – Snelling, Lauraine

Family Under the Christmas Tree – Reed, Terri                     Collision of the Heart – Eakes, Laurie Alice

Honorable Heir – Eakes, Laurie Alice



Turbo Twenty-Three – Evanovich, Janet                                Wrong Side of Goodbye – Connelly, Michael

Whistler – Grisham, John                                                        Sex, Lies & Serious Money – Woods, Stuart



Most Requested Cookies – Taste of Home


Adult Items – October 2016


Scam – Evanovich, Janet                                                        Texas Tall – Dailey, Janet

Robert B. Parker’s Debt to Pay – Coleman, Reed                 Husband’s Secret – Moriarty, Liane

Life She Wants – Carr, Robyn                                               Two By Two – Sparks, Nicholas

Games – Patterson, James                                                       Truly Badly Guilty – Moriarty, Liane

Small Great Things – Picoult, Jodi                                         Home – Coben, Harlan

Fates & Traitors – Chiaverini, Jennifer                                   Escape Clause – Sandford, John

Missing – Patterson, James                                                     Twelve Days of Christmas – Macomber, Debbie

Christmas Town – VanLiere, Donna



Twilight at Blueberry Barrens – Coble, Colleen                     Easy Prey – Phillips, Lisa

Falling for Her Boss – Winn, Bonnie                                     Desperate Escape – Harris, Lisa

Forgotten Memories – Scott, Laura                                        Place to Call Home – Springer, Kathryn

Sweetheart Bride – Worth, Lenora                                         Refining Fire – Peterson, Tracie

Shelter of Hope – Cote, Lyn                                                  Officer’s Secretary – Giusti, Debby

Rocky Mountain Redemption – Nissen, Pamela                    Undercover Angel – Rutledge, Cynthia

Lawman Claims His Bride – Ryan, Renee                             So Dark the Night – Daley, Margaret

Without Warning – Eason, Lynette                                        Magnolia Moonlight – Ellis, Mary

Fifth Column – Hollow, Mike                                                Hidden Falls – Newport, Olivia

Guide Me Home – Sawyer, Kim Vogel                                 Pointe & Shoot – Stone, Alison

Taste of Fame – Shepherd, Linda Evans                                Cantaloupe Thief – Richardson-Moore, Deb

Christmas Secret – Brunstetter, Wanda                                  Hawaiian Quilt – Brunstetter, Wanda

From This Day Forward – Snelling, Lauraine                        Angel of Forest Hill – Woodsmall, Cindy

Catching Heat – Cantore, Janice                                            Winter Storms – Hilderbrand, Elin



Missing – Patterson, James                                                     Small Great Things – Picoult, Jodi

Born to Run – Springsteen, Bruce                                          Killing the Rising Sun – O’Reilly, Bill



Anyone But You – Crusie, Jennifer                                      



Robert B. Parker’s Debt to Pay – Coleman, Reed                 Games – Patterson, James

Missing – Patterson, James



Amish Friends Harvest Cookbook – Brunstetter, Wanda      Holiday & Celebrations Cookbook – Taste of Home

Christmas from the Heart. Vol. 24 – BH&G                          Best of America’s Test Kitchen 2017

Killing Reagan – O’Reilly, Bill                                               Quick, Easy & Delicious Meals For Your Family – Martinez, S.

Taste of Home Annual Recipes 2017



Martian – Weir, Andy                                                             Pregnancy Project – Rodriguez, Gaby

All American Boys – Reynolds, Jason



Incredible Hulk                                                                       Van Helsing

Hellboy II                                                                               Red Riding Hood

Matrix Reloaded                                                                     Men In Black II


Adult Items – September 2016


Long, Tall Christmas – Dailey, Janet                                      Damaged – Scottoline, Lisa

Sting – Brown, Sandra                                                           Other Boleyn Girl – Gregory, Philippa

Last Patriot – Thor, Brad                                                        Great Reckoning – Penny, Louise

Daughters of the Bride – Mallery, Susan                               Three Sisters, Three Queens – Gregory, Philippa

Curious Minds – Evanovich, Janet                                         Fast & Loose – Michaels, Fern

Dead to the Last Drop – Coyle, Cleo                                     Apprentice in Death – Robb, J.D.

Downfall – Jance, J.A.                                                            Crash & Burn – Michaels, Fern



Christmas Angel Project – Carlson, Melody                          Night Angel – Bunn, T. Davis

Cowboy at Heart – Copeland, Lori                                        Rainy Day Dreams – Copeland



Smooth Operator – Woods, Stuart                                         Night & Day – Johansen, Iris

Truly Madly Guilty – Moriarty, Liane                                    Insidious – Coulter, Catherine

Sunday Kind of Love – Garlock, Dorothy                             Falling – Green, Jane

Robert B. Parker’s Debt to Pay – Coleman, Reed                 Apprentice in Death – Robb, J.D.

Revenge in a Cold River – Perry, Anne                                 Three Sisters, Three Queens – Gregory, Philippa

Damaged – Scottoline, Lisa                                                    Leave Me – Forman, Gayle



Chains of Fire – Dodd, Christina                                           Daredevil Snared – Laurens, Stephanie

Until There Was You – Higgins, Kristan                                One Heart to Win – Lindsey, Johanna

Storm of Visions – Dodd, Christina                                       Starlight on Willow Lake – Wiggs, Susan

Always a Cowboy – Miller, Linda Lael



Whistlestop – Dickerson, John



Bullseye – Patterson, James                                                    Smooth Operator – Woods, Stuart

Curious Minds – Evanovich, Janet                                         Scam – Evanovich, Janet

Sting – Brown, Sandra                                                           Apprentice in Death – Robb, J.D.


Adult Items – August 2016


Killer Look – Fairstein, Linda                                                Pursuit – Evanovich, Janet

Cavendon Hall – Bradford, Barbara Taylor                           Bullseye – Patterson, James

Night & Day – Johansen, Iris                                                 Family Tree – Wiggs, Susan

Sweet Tomorrows – Macomber, Debbie                                Mr. Mercedes – King, Stephen

Smooth Operator – Woods, Stuart



Danny Gospel – Athey, David                                               Finally a Bride – McDonough, Vickie

Balancing Act – Stuart, Kimberly                                          Against the Gates of Hell – Young, Mylow

Along Came a Cowboy – Lynxwiler, Christine                     Married by Christmas – Kirst, Karen

Mirror Image Bride – McMahon, Barbara                              Lawman’s Redemption – Favorite, Danica

Troubled Waters – Rachelle, McCalla                                    Expert Witness – Dylan, Rachel

Protecting Her Own – Daley, Margaret                                  Endless Night – Mentink, Dana

Valley of Shadows – McCoy, Shirlee                                    Heart of a Cowboy – Daley, Margaret

Matchmaker’s Match – Nelson, Jessica                                  Calculated Risk – Woodhaven, Heather

Final Warning – Robbins, Sandra                                           Rancher Under Fire - McDonough, Vickie

Seaside Reunion – Hannon, Irene                                          Running Scared – McCoy, Shirlee

Dakota Father – Ford, Linda                                                  Face of Deceit – Richards, Ramona

Point of No Return – Warren, Susan May                              Married to the Mob – Aiken, Ginny

Good Neighbor – Mignerey, Sharon                                      Out of the Depths – Hansen, Valerie

Nowhere to Run – Hansen, Valerie                                        Critical Impact – Hall, Linda

River of Secrets – Eason, Lynette                                          Hidden Deception – Harris, Leann

Shadows at the Window – Hall, Linda                                  Double Identity – Burke, Diane

Grits & Glory – Benrey, Ron & Janet                                    Mixed Up with the Mob – Aiken, Ginny

Lakeview Protector – McCoy, Shirlee                                    Deadly Homecoming – Phinney, Barbara

Fatal Secrets – Phinney, Barbara                                            Homecoming at Hickory Ridge – Corbit, Dana

Danger on Her Doorstep – McCalla, Rachelle                       Out on a Limb – McCalla, Rachelle

Running Blind – McCoy, Shirlee                                           When Hope Prevails – Oke, Janette

Gunman’s Bride – Palmer, Catherine



Endless Night – Anderson, Catherine                                    Manning Brides – Macomber, Debbie



Bay of Sighs – Roberts, Nora                                                 First Comes Love – Giffin, Emily

Singles Game – Weisberger, Lauren



Hometown Favorites – Better Homes & Gardens                  MailBox Preschool Yearbook 2016



Adult Items – July 2016


15th Affair – Patterson, James                                                 Weekenders – Andrews, Mary Kay

First Comes Love – Giffin, Emily                                          Defender – Palmer, Diana

Make Me Love You – Lindsey, Johanna



Son’s Vow – Gray, Shelley Shepard                                      Tangled Lies – Mann, Connie

Wyoming – Coble, Colleen                                                     Kill Devil – Dellosso, Mike

Bake Until Golden – Shepherd, Linda Evans



Dishonorable Intentions – Woods, Stuart



Skillet Sensations – Taste of Home                                       



When It Happens – Colasanti, Susane


Adult Items – June 2016


Dishonorable Intentions – Woods, Stuart                              End of Watch – King, Stephen

Cavendon Luck – Bradford, Barbara Taylor                          Island House – Thayer, Nancy

Here’s To Us – Hilderbrand, Elin                                           Marry Winterborne – Kleypas, Lisa

Bay of Sighs – Roberts, Nora                                                 Vinegar Girl – Tyler, Anne



Bachelor Girls Guide to Murder – McMillan, Rachel            Incomplete Sentence – Kennedy, E.E.

Traces of Guilt – Henderson, Dee                                          Silence in the Dark – Bradley, Patricia

Code 13 – Brown, Don                                                          Lethal Harvest – Glahn, Sandra

What Happened On Beale Street – Ellis, Mary                      Sister Dear McNeill, Laura

Bones Will Speak – Parks, Carrie Stuart                                Medical Judgment – Mabry, Richard

Fading Starlight – Cushman, Kathryn                                    Family Ties – Winn, Bonnie

Leap of Faith – Worth, Lenora                                               Finally Home : Finally Found – Cote, Lyn

Bachelor Next Door – Springer, Kathryn                               Shadowed – Lynch, Kariss



End of Watch – King, Stephen                                              Mercy – Palmer, Michael & Daniel

Emperor Revenge – Cussler, Clive                                         Dishonorable Intentions – Woods, Stuart



City of Bones – Clare, Cassandra                                           Abundance of Katherines – Green, John

Leaving Paradise – Elkeles, Simone                                       Wicked Lovely – Marr, Melissa

Avalon High – Cabot, Meg                                                    Luxe – Godbersen, Anna



Contest Winning Annual Recipes 2016 – (Taste of Home)   Most Requested Recipes 2016 – (Taste of Home)

Taste of Home Annual Recipes 2010                                     Jesse White Story – Davis, Rick



Project 2-3-1 (Non-fiction)


Adult Items – May 2016


Angel Court Affair – Perry, Anne                                          War Hawk – Rollins, James

Last Mile – Baldacci, David                                                   Roast Mortem – Coyle, Cleo

Murder by Mocha – Coyle, Cleo                                            Garden of Covington – Medlicott, Joan

Two Days After the Wedding – Medlicott, Joan                   Corrupted – Scottoline, Lisa

Extreme Prey – Sandford, John                                              Hide Away – Johansen, Iris

Red Rising – Brown, Pierce



Atonement – Lewis, Beverly                                                  Duke’s Marriage Mission – Hale, Deborah

Direct Hit – Hollow, Mike



Missing Colton – White, Loreth Anne                                   Buccaneer at Heart – Laurens, Stephanie

Best of My Love – Mallery, Susan



Extreme Prey – Sandford, John                                              Robert Parker’s Slow Burn – Atkins, Ace

‘Til Death Do Us Part – Quick, Amanda                               Hide Away – Johansen, Iris



Private Paris – Patterson, James                                              War Hawk – Rollins, James

Family Jewels – Woods, Stuart                                              Last Mile – Baldacci, David



Beyond the Body Farm – Bass, Dr. Bill                                 Boys in the Boat – Brown, Daniel James



Red Queen – Aveyard, Victoria                                             Lady Midnight – Clare, Cassandra

Symphony for the City of the Dead – Anderson, M.T.         Audacity – Crowder, Melanie

Boys Don’t Knit (In Public) – Easton, T.S.                            Zeroboxer – Lee, Fonda

Where’d You Go, Bernadette – Semple, Maria                     Salt To the Sea – Sepetys, Ruta

Riders – Rossi, Veronica                                                        Dorothy Must Die – Paige, Danielle

Boys Who Challenged Hitler – Hoose, Phillip                       I Will Always Write Back – Alifirenka, Caitlin

Dumplin’ – Murphy, Julie                                                       Elena Vanishing – Dunkle, Elena

Most Dangerous – Sheinkin, Steve                                         Six of Crows – Bardugo, Leigh



Transformer                                                                             Drag Me to Hell


Adult Items – April 2016


She’s Not There – Fielding, Joy                                             Total Package – Evanovich, Stephanie

What We Find – Carr, Robyn                                                 Big Girl Panties – Evanovich, Stephanie

Private Paris – Patterson, James                                              Darkness – Robards, Karen

Ellen Broken Pencils – Schroeder, V.                                     Treachery at Lancaster Gate – Perry, Anne

No Safe Secrets – Michaels, Fern                                           Most Wanted – Scottoline, Lisa

Obsession – Roberts, Nora                                                     Family Jewels – Woods, Stuart

Miller’s Valley – Quindlen, Anna



Trouble With Patience – Brendan, Maggie                             Treasure Concealed – Peterson, Tracie

Heart of Dropped Stitches – Tronstad, Janet                         Home To You – Wolverton, Cheryl

Bayou Beginnings – Y’Barbo, Kathleen                                Mother’s Promise – Scofield, Ruth

Journeys – Hancock, Tamela                                                  Love’s Denial – Hancock, Tamela

No Place Like Home – Clopton, Debra                                  Past Secrets, Present Love – Richer, Lois

Love Worth Keeping – Livingston, Joyce                              Basket of Secrets – Hunt, Diann

Hunt For Home – Aiken, Ginny                                             Love So Tender – Bateman, Tracey

Torey’s Prayer – Bateman, Tracey                                          Last Chance – Hake, Cathy Marie

Run Fast, My Love – Griffin, Pamela                                    Making Amends – Barton, Janet Lee

Brush of Wings – Kingsbury, Karen



Family Jewels – Woods, Stuart                                              Brush of Wings – Kingsbury, Karen

What We Find – Carr, Robyn                                                 No Safe Secrets – Michaels, Fern

Fool Me Once – Coben, Harlan                                              Treachery at Lancaster Gate – Perry, Anne

As Time Goes By – Clark, Mary Higgins                               14th Colony – Berry, Steve

Most Wanted – Scottoline, Lisa



Once a Rancher – Miller, Linda Lael



Healthy Cooking Annual Recipes 2016                                 Restore. Recycle. Repurpose. – Country Living Book

Don’t Panic—Dinner’s in the Freezer – Martinez, Susie       



Evermore – Noel, Alyson                                                       Blue Moon – Noel, Alyson

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock – Quick, Matthew                 



Inception                                                                                 Sam Elliott Western Collection (3 movies)

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist                                             DodgeBall

Alone Yet Not Alone                                                             Duck Dynasty. Season 1

Chorus Line


Adult Items – March 2016


Friends We Keep – Mallery, Susan                                        Off the Grid – Box, C.J.

Clawback – Jance, J.A.                                                           Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack – Knott, Robert



Sweet Misfortune – Brendan, Maggie                                    Escape to Sanctuary – Conner, M.J.

At His Command – Coulter, Brenda                                      Remember Me – Comeaux, Kimberly

Hickory Ridge Christmas – Corbit, Dana                               Picture Imperfect – Farrier, Nancy J.

Tidings of Joy – Daley, Margaret                                           Preacher’s Lady – Copeland, Lori

Perfectly Matched – Brendon, Maggie                                  Goodbye Bride – Hunter, Denise

Calico Spy – Brownley, Margaret                                          Step By Step – Calvert, Janice

Food & His Monet – Orchard, Sandra                                   Cry From the Dust – Parks, Carrie Stuart

Curiosity Keeper – Ladd, Sarah                                             Peacock Throne – Richardson, Lisa Karon

Annabel Lee – Nappa, Mike                                                   Mercy Killer – Pence, James

Deception on Sable Hill – Gray, Shelley                                Dressed for Death – Deering, Julianna

Calling – Dekker, Rachelle                                                     Mountain Midwife – Eakes, Laurie

Under a Turquoise Sky – Carter, Lisa                                    Stronghold – Carter, Lisa

Hollywood Lost – Collins, Ace                                              Finding Me – Cushman, Kathryn

Vanishing Act – Allee, Jennifer                                              Burning Proof – Cantore, Janice

Feathered Bone – Cantrell, Julie                                             Vines of Entanglement – Carter, Lisa

Murder at the Courthouse – Gabhart, A.H.                            Dead Gorgeous – Flynn, Elizabeth

Always Watching – Eason, Lynette                                       Memory Weaver – Kirkpatrick, Jane

Sisterhood of the Queen Mamas – Jones, Annie                    Thin Ice – Hannon, Irene

Brentwood’s Ward – Griep, Michelle



Cometh the Hour – Archer, Jeffrey                                        Few of the Girls – Binchy, Maeve

Clawback – Jance, J.A.



Make Me – Child, Lee                                                            Clawback – Jance, J.A.



Absolute Best Dump Dinners Cookbook                               Better Homes & Gardens Annual Recipes 2015

Vietnam – Prados, John                                                          Beyond Hell & Back – Zimmerman, Dwight

American Commando – Wukovits, John                                Fire & Fury – Hansen, Randall

Bismarck – Zetterling, Niklas                                                 To the Gates of Stalingrad – Glantz, David

Horse Soldiers – Stanton, Doug                                             At War With the Wind – Sears, David

Mission: Black List #1 – Maddox, Eric                                  Germany 1945 – Bessel, Richard

Light Cooking Done Right – Taste of Home                         Mission, the Men & Me – Blaber, Pete

Colder Than Hell – Owen, Joseph                                          Big Red One – Wheeler, James Scott                                                                                                                                          


Adult Items – February 2016


Breakdown – Kellerman, Jonathan                                         Brotherhood in Death – Robb, J.D.

Foreign Affairs – Woods, Stuart                                            NYPD Red 4 – Patterson, James



Second Chance – Bateman, Tracey                                        Beside Still Waters – Bateman, Tracey

Fourth of July – Livingston, Joyce                                         Time to Embrace – Coleman, Lynn

Road to Forgiveness – Cox, Carol                                          Second Chances & Love One Another – Hansen, Valerie

Living Soul – Alexander, Hannah                                          Second For Grace – Goodnight, Linda

Irene – Ford, Linda                                                                 Forever in My Heart – Ford, Linda

Protecting Amy – Davis, Susan Page                                     Sagebrush Christmas – Etchison, Birdie

Sooner or Later – McDonough, Vickie                                  Out On a Limb – Martin, Gail Gaymer

Trouble in Paradise – Hatcher, Robin Lee                              Alaskan Summer – Flinkman, Marilou

Beyond the Silence – Peterson, Tracie                                   Room For Hope – Sawyer, Kim Vogel

If I Run – Blackstock, Terri                                                    Cold Shot – Pettrey, Dani

Inn At Ocean’s Edge – Coble, Colleen                                  Mermaid Moon – Coble, Colleen

Keeper of the Stars – Hatcher, Robin Lee                              Restoration – Brunstetter, Wanda



Brotherhood in Death – Robb, J.D.                                        Find Her – Gardner, Lisa



Chesapeake Christmas – Woods, Sherryl



Breakdown – Kellerman, Jonathan                                         Brotherhood in Death – Robb, J.D.

NYPD Red 4 – Patterson, James                                            Foreign Affairs – Woods, Stuart

Private Vegas – Patterson, James



Wish Your Heart Makes – Solomon, Charles                         Astrophotography – Thompson, Mark

Artisanal Soaps – Grosso, Alicia                                            Science of Big Bang Theory – Zobel, Dave

Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting & Got a Life – Miller, K. Quick Cooking Annual Recipes 2016



Fix – Sinel, Natasha                                                               



Blue Collar TV. Season 1



Adult Items – January 2016


Bone Labyrinth – Rollins, James                                            Tricky Twenty-Two – Evanovich, Janet

Winter Stroll – Hilderbrand, Elin                                           Scandalous Behavior – Woods, Stuart

Bitter Season – Hoag, Tami



Together For Christmas – Kinkade, Thomas                          Falling Like Snowflakes – Hunter, Denise

All Is Bright – Kinkade, Thomas                                            Wolf Creek Widow – Richards, Penny

Captive on the High Seas – Rich, Christina                           Cattleman’s Courtship – Aarsen, Carolyne

Danger in a Small Town – Aiken, Ginny                                Homecoming – Aarsen, Carolyne

Hometown Princess – Worth, Lenora                                     His Winter Rose – Richer, Lois

Nanny’s Homecoming – Goodnight, Linda                           Kansas Courtship – Bylin, Victoria

Rescued by the Firefighter – Martin, Gail Gaymer                Home Sweet Texas – Gillenwater, Sharon

Through the Fire – Mignerey – Sharon                                   Horseman’s Hope – Johnson, Myra

His Precious Inheritance – Clark, Dorothy                             Doctor’s Perfect Match – James, Arlene

Hamilton Heir – Hansen, Valerie                                            Heart Healed – Johnson, Jennifer

Deadly Payoff – Hansen, Valerie                                           Point Blank Protector – Newton, Stephanie

Harbor of His Arms – Bulock, Lynn                                      Love’s Pardon – Mindrup, Darlene

Lights, Cowboy, Action – McDaniel, Lesley Ann                 Guardian’s Promise – Rich, Christina

Family Man – Hannon, Irene                                                 



Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh – Laurens, Stephanie               And Then She Fell – Laurens, Stephanie

Match for Marcus Cynster – Laurens, Stephanie                   By Winter’s Light – Laurens, Stephanie

Tempting of Thomas Carrick – Laurens, Stephanie                Capture of the Earl of Glencrae – Laurens, Stephanie

In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster – Laurens, Stephanie                   Lady’s Command – Laurens, Stephanie

Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue – Laurens, Stephanie 



Commander in Chief – Clancy, Tom                                      Pharaoh Secret – Cussler, Clive

Secret Sister – Krentz, Jayne Ann                                          All Dressed in White – Clark, Mary Higgins

Scandalous Behavior – Woods, Stuart                                   Bitter Season – Hoag, Tami



Dance of the Bones – Jance, J.A.                                           Cross Justice – Patterson, James

Bone Labyrinth – Rollins, James                                            All Dressed in White – Clark, Mary Higgins

Private L.A. – Patterson, James                                              Scandalous Behavior – Woods, Stuart



Adult Items – December 2015


Legacy of Copper Creek – Ryan, R.C.                                   All Dressed in White – Clark, Mary Higgins

Christmas Bells – Chiaverini, Jennifer



Deadly Vows – McCoy, Shirlee                                             Cowboy Protector – Daley, Margaret

Trail of Evidence – Eason, Lynette                                        Cowboy’s Surprise Baby – Kastner, Deb

Doctor Right – Tronstad, Janet                                              Wedding Journey – St. John, Cheryl

Lone Star Protector – Worth, Lenora                                     Innocent – Gabhart, Ann H.

Double Cross – Mills, DiAnn                                                 Deadlock – Mills, DiAnn

No Place to Hide – Eason, Lynette                                        Desperate Measures – Orchard, Sandra

After the Rains – Raney, Deborah                                         Renegade Husband – Mills, DiAnn

Healing Season – Morren, Ruth Axtell                                   Restless Hearts – Perry, Marta

Undercover Bride – Brownley, Margaret                               By Your Side – Calvert, Candace

Drawing Fire – Cantore, Janice                                              Last Con – Bartels, Zachary

Midnight on the Mississippi – Ellis, Mary                              Stealing Jake – Hillman, Pam

Hiding Places – Healy, Erin                                                    Case of the Sin City Sister – Hinton, Lynne

Trial Run – Locke, Thomas                                                     Whispers in the Reading Room – Gray, Shelley

Vendetta – Harris, Lisa                                                           Beyond the Cherokee Trail – Carter, Lisa

Worthy Pursuit – Witemeyer, Karen                                      Fruitcake Murders – Collins, Ace

Choosing – Dekker, Rachelle                                                 Respectable Actress – Love, Dorothy

Miracle Drug – Mabry, Richard                                              Rising Darkness – Mehl, Nancy



JFK in the Senate (NF) – Shaw, John                                    Finally Home – Greiman, Lois

Subtle Bodies – Rush, Norman                                              Firelight Girls – McLaren, Kaya

Trident K9 Warriors (NF) – Ritland, Mike                             Vanishing – Webb, Wendy



Dream Mender – Woods, Sherryl                                           Real Prince – Macomber, Debbie

Winter Wonderland – various                                                



Little Nicky                                                                             The Jerk

Austin Powers in Goldmember                                               National Lampoon’s TV the Movie

Nashville. Season 2                                                                 Ray Donovan. Season 1

Friends. Season 1                                                                    Friends. Season 3

Friends. Season 5